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Now the bath room floor and the base for the insulated walls

Containers together

More planning for the rest of the inside and kitchen area

Containers together

So we decided that we’ll just finish framing the bathroom and laundry room next

Containers together

Now that we have the laundry room framing complete we will move on to door framing

Containers together

Framing for the French doors is a lot more work the wall framing area

Containers together

The French doors are very time consuming, much more than single doors

Containers together

But, I think French doors make the container house a lot more appealing

Containers together

Things are much lighter and roomie feeling with the extra panel in the double doors

Containers together

After finishing the French door in both containers we will contemplate were to go next

Containers together

Adding the side windows and door helsp the appearance

Containers together

Finally we have got all the windows in, so now we will put the back together and start on the inside

Containers together

Adding the insulation is a much larger task than you would expect. especially if you are wanting to get the full benefit from you insulation Containers together

It seemed like every piece of drywall we put up had two or there items the had to be allowed for Containers together

After we enclosed the area around the French doors, I finally feel the entrances are taking shape Containers together

We are adding a large amount of R-19 insulation to the ceiling area n Containers together

We may have got carried away with the electrical end, we have (4) 220/208 circuits and (7) 110 circuits. But at least we will have enough place to plug appliances in if needed Containers together

We chose to utilize space. and let the bath room and laundry room share a space Containers together

Lucky for us, we found someone who was good at tap and texture for the finishing touches of the drywall. Containers together

We also added a 36 inch bathroom door just incase we need the extra entrance way for laundry etc. Containers together

We chose to go with a under the sink tankless on demand hot water heater 

Doug Styles and Brenda Keiser 602-380-1336

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