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I think we need one more light on the light bar over the sink to make the area look more balanced. Oh well, Lowes is just down the road.

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We went with a large closet in the bed room, but considering the times we live in I think it is needed

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It is easy to see the kitchen area from the bedroom maybe that is a good thing because the ductless heat pump air conditioner is located on the kitchen wall.

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The laundry room / bath room is packed full, but we didn’t give up a single amenity. We have a cabinet area over the washer and drier, and a floor to ceiling towel cabinet planed between the shower and commode

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Although the bedroom would be small for a conventual house I think it will be ample for our container home. It will handle a Queen size bed if place in the right direction.

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Because we want to be able to transport our container up and down normal high ways without permits we had to make a concession with the air conditioner lines so as to set the united behind the container. Not as pretty as I would like but maybe coloring the insulation on the lines will help.

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But the split unit’s heat pump tucks right behind the container

Containers images

I am happy to have the split unit’s heat pump tucked behind the container. We will just have to find a way to beautify the lines.

Starting A porch

We decided that the container house looked too much like a rectangle cubical, so we thought we need to add something to change the look of the front. and it seemed a porch would be the logical item

 porch roof

Once we settled on the design for the porch we built the frame in sections so it could be broke down  it into section so it would follow the original scheme of being able to be separated and moved with ease.

Fork Lift With RoofRemoving the straps is a lot harder when you are in the air at the edge of the roof

Removing Clamps

Holding the frame to the forklift requires several clamps and safety straps, that have to be removed once the frame is near it final position, before it can be bolted to the container.

Supporting Roof

The roof require support until the side supports are bolted in places. 

Welding Tabes in place

Welding the tabs in place to the upright supports is easier with the supports in place to assure a cemeterial look.

Roof and decking

Once the roof and floor decking are in place it starts to look more like the addition we planed.

Rroof and floor decking are in place .

It is much nicer having a second step to reduce the effort of entering the container house.

Bolted tabs

Joints that are bolted together are a must for easy assembly and disassembly of our moveable container house.

Joint of frame The roof Joints that are bolted together are just as important for easy assembly and disassembly as other joints of our moveable container house

Angular Support

I am very pleased that we used angular supports rather that vertical support that I feel look more like post than the more look modern angular look we prefer.

Vertical supports

Now we don’t have to worry about rain blowing under the front door of out container house.

Window Covers

With the porch construction complete it is time to address the window covers to add a balance the looks of the project.

Completed Porch

A definite improvement to the looks of the front of the project, however there is more needed to improve the looks.

Doug Styles and Brenda Keiser 602-380-1336

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